Structural-functional Approach- a framework for building theory that sees society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stability.
a. The tv comedy Family Guy consists of relationships and activities that are clearly not functional for the society. However, there are parts that work together to promote the general well-being of the town. An example of this would be the character named Joe Swanson. Joe is a police officer that takes his job very seriously and even though he is disabled, he does his best to keep the town safe from "crazy people".
b. In the sitcom Family Guy, there is much behavior that could be considered dysfunctional for society. But, there are examples that function as a group to help promote society. For instance, in Quahog there is a police force, James Woods High School, a hospital, and an airport. These are all things in society that function for the well-being. Many parts of the town work together while maintaining their separate functions to keep society running.

Symbolic-interaction Approach- a framework for building theory that sees society as the product of everyday interactions of individuals.
a. This show does a great job on focusing on the every day interactions of individuals. It has many characters which work either together or not and either hurt the society or help it. An example to show these interactions, the Griffin family often has interactions with Joe Swanson, their neighbor. They communicate and share their ideas with one another and the Griffins are often times envious of Joe's dedication. Another example of this would be the interaction that occurs between the news anchors and reporters. They are almost famous together and interact together to provide news for the town of Quahog.
b. Throughout the show Family Guy, there are many interactions between individuals. These interactions make the show so humorous and shed light on societal-life in Quahog. There are good interactions and bad interactions involved in the show. For example, the interactions between Brian and Stewie are very friendly and they compliment each other in their behavior. A bad interaction would be between Stewie and Lois. Stewie makes it his life mission to kill her and bases all of his actions in life around murdering his own mother.

Social-conflict Approach- a framework for building theory that sees society as an arena of inequality that generates conflict and change.
a. This show perfectly displays the Social-Conflict theory as that's the main way that the writers of the show intend to show humor. The main way they show social conflict is through all of the racist remarks that the characters use. In a few episodes, Kermit the Frog shows racism by pulling out a gun at the sight of a black man to imply that he's racist. This is a great example of social-conflict but it's not helping society at all to be racist against blacks. There are many characters in this show that share the same feelings as Kermit as well. Another example of the social-conflict approach is the one-way relationship that Stewie has with Lois. He is always trying to fight with his mother and the main goal that he has in his life is to kill his mother. The show never really explains why Stewie Griffin feels this way about his mom.
b. The show Family Guy can best be analyzed in the social-conflict perspective. This is the lense that most of the humor is seen through and the main way the show displays its humor. One main method of showing the social-conflict approach is by showing male dominance over women. This is shown by the relationship of Peter and Lois. Peter depends on Lois to do everything around the house while he sits on the couch. As she is diligently working, Peter often ask her to wait on him and foot. Peter also shows zero respect for Meg, his daughter, because she is a girl.
Stewie and Lois fighting; a common event in many episodes of Family Guy.

Racist Kermit the Frog, shortly before pulling out a gun