Sam's Links:

Fox Family Guy Main Page

Family Guy IMDb

Family Guy - Adult Swim

Family Guy - TBS

Planet Family Guy

I used these links to help and refresh my memory on the different episodes that I've seen of Family Guy. These websites did a great job of thoroughly describing all of the characters in the show as well as their relationship to one another. There were many characters listed and thoroughly explained that I didn't even really remember. They also helped me to learn more about the city of Quahog and the society that of which is within it. A few of them have blogs within them that also helped me to attain more knowledge and different points of view that I had never thought about before.

Matt's Links:

Family Guy- Lois and Stewie This link was a good source for the relationship between Lois and Stewie. It gave examples of how they got along and behaved with others. It also explained their conflict towards each other.

Family Guy- Hulu This link was a good source because it allowed for episode viewing. If I needed a refresher on a certain part of an episode I could watch any part using this source.

Family Guy- Characters This source was very helpful with the cast of the show. It helped define different personalities of the show and described how the characters looked, along with normal behavior patterns.

Family Guy- Sidereel This link was a excellent source because I could watch different episodes on this website. If I needed to remember what happend during a certain season or episode I could go here to rewatch the forgotten part.

Family Guy-Episodes This link was a good source because it offered quick summaries about any episode. The summaries were informational enough to give the reader a feel for the episode, even if the reader had seen the show before.