Social Change- the transformation of culture and social institutions over time.
a. Throughout the show, Family Guy shows many social changes that have taken place over time. Many epidsodes focus on the change in women's rights and others focus on social change in the school. For example, a particular episode concerns the teacher vs. student relationship. It depicts that teachers were able to be much more violent in their consequences than they are allowed today.

Social Movement- an organized activity that encourages or discourages social change.
a. Family Guy revolves around touchy subjects and many episodes hint at social change in many different directions. One particular episode, in Season 7, Brian starts to campaign to legalize pot. He campaigns in the local park and begins to gain supporters. This can be considered an example of social change.

Division of Labor- specialized economic activity.
a. A division of labor can be seen at Peter's job. At the brewery and at the toy company Peter works on an assembly line where he has a specified job. He performs the same task over and over, followed by the next step in the process on the assembly line.

Anomie- Durkeim's term for a condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals.
a. Family Guy involves many characters that could be considered in the topic of anomie. Peter, for instance, is an excellent example of a person who behaves like he has no moral guidance. He doesn't think of the consequences of his actions in numerous episodes before he acts. He also disregards the harm his actions might place on others. Family Guy characters fit this term wonderfully.

Disaster- an event, generally unexpected, that causes extensive harm to people and damage to property.
a. One day in Quahog, there is an idea throughout the society that they will be some sort of disaster when the countdown reaches zero. As the whole Griffin family is standing by the tv waiting for the news station's countdown to finish, they are extremely nervous that they're all going to die. The idea that's portrayed is that there will be a natural disaster that will kill the whole town. However, when the countdown reaches 0, the news anchors well out APRIL FOOL'S DAY.

Social Character- personality patterns common to members of a particular society.
a. A good example of social character would have to be Quahog's mayor, Adam West. Adam doesn't seem like he's all there mentally and he really doesn't seem to care about a lot of important things that go on in the town. This is also the attitude of a lot of characters in the show as they're self-centered and they don't have a lot of care in the world at many times throughout the seasons.

Mass Society- a society in which prosperity and bureaucracy have weakened traditional social ties.
a. A good example of this would be shown through Chris Griffin. He is always trying to fit in and be prospered in his school. He constantly looks towards famous people to try to be like them to try and be cool. This isolates Chris from the rest of his family and makes him quite a bit different from them as well.

Class Society- a capitalist society with pronounced social stratification.
a. You can really see the difference between the classes when Lois and the Griffin family visit her father, Carter. The Griffin's are a middle-class family that are well-off and can support all of their needs, but Carter is a billionaire. He would definitely be in the upper class and it's easy to see the difference between their life styles.

This illustration shows Chris trying to fit into a band by dressing Goth
This shows Brian's movement to try and legalize marijuana