Migration- the movement of people into and out of a specified territory.
a. Migration is a difficult term to apply to Family Guy with, but a type of migration does occur. An example of this could be Brian's cousin, Jasper, constantly moving between Quahog and California. He cannot decide where he would rather live instead. When he is shown in an episode, it seems as if he's living in the other spot again.

Urbanization- the concentration of population into cities.
a. This topic is shown by the the fact that every episode begins in the city of Quahog. Quahog is a large metro area in New Hampshire.

Suburbs- urban areas beyond the political boundaries of a city.
a. The Griffins live in the suburbs of Quahog. They live in a nice neighborhood on Spooner Street and most of their lives are spent interacting with each other in their home.

Ecosystem- the interaction of all living organisms and their natural environment.
a. There are a few episodes where the ecosystem is of concern to people in Family Guy. When Lois becomes mayor she shuts down a major factory in town because it is harming a once beautiful lake. Also in a particular episode Peter grows out a beard and hatches baby birds in his beard because he becomes in touch with nature.

Fertility- the incidence of childbearing in a country's population.
a. This happens in every single society. The main example is Lois. She is a mother of 3: Stewie, Meg, and Chris.

Megalopolis- a vast urban region containing a number of cities and their surrounding suburbs.
a. Quahog is a megalopolis area as that's the main city and there are a number of surrounding suburbs around it.

Global Warming- a rise in Earth's average temperature due to an increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
a. Just like in our society, global warming is definitely an issue in Family Guy. In a couple of random episodes, the writers have the characters poke fun at the scientists saying that global warming doesn't exist and that there have been no effects of it.

Life Expectancy- the average life span of a country's population.
a. The life expectancy in Quahog is probably lower than that of our society. They seem to be partaking in stupid activities and doing dumb things more and probably have a lower overall life expectancy.

The Griffin Family home on Spooner St.
Lois' youngest kid, Stewie