Education- the social institution through which society provides its members with important knowledge, including basic facts, job skills, and cultural norms and values.
a. An example of this in the show Family Guy would be the school Chris and Meg attend. They go to the James Woods High School in Quahog. This institution is their form of schooling throughout the show.

Health-a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.
a. For the most part all the characters in Family Guy are fairly healthy. They do, however have the occasional checkup at the doctor's office. Also, in certain episodes either Peter or Lois have to go to the hospital to fix an injury from one of Peter's stupid shenanigans. The show also pokes fun at how one can do careless things without many consequences.

Social Epidemiology- the study of how health and disease are distributed throughout a society's population.
a. In the show Family Guy, there is not an episode where the focus is a ravenous disease spreading across Quahog. But, there is one episode that touches on Mad Cow Disease. It states that the disease caused a large recall in beef products.

Eating Disorder- an intense form of dieting or other unhealthy method of weight control driven by the desire to be very thin.
a. In the episode, "Dial Meg for Murder" this topic is touched on. Meg excuses herself from the table at supper and the family is in shock. They can then hear Meg puking and then washing her face and hands in the sink because they are still quiet. Meg has an eating disorder in this episode and she wants to be thin in order to be accepted at school.

Schooling- formal instruction under the direction of specially trained teachers.
a. Just in the Griffin family, there are two children that are going to high school throughout almost all the seasons. Meg and Chris are both enrolled at Quahog High but both of them really struggle with their academics.

Medicine- the social institution that focuses on fighting disease and improving health.
a. In one episode where both Peter and Quagmire need jobs, they work at a factory that produces medicine. While Peter and Quagmire are working on the assembly line, Quagmire takes a bunch of the medicine and probably gets high just before getting sick.

Functional Illiteracy- a lack of the reading and writing skills needed for everyday living.
a. In just a short little section of a specific episode, Lois and Peter start to read a newspaper and make a joke that they'll have to hind the fact that there's moveable type from the serfs that are working outside their house. These are the serfs that are known from the feudal countries and obviously are not actually there.

Sick Role- patterns of behavior defined as appropriate for people who are ill.
a. Using the same example from chapter 6 on sexuality and society, the character Quagmire has a sick role. In one episode, he is deeply addicted to pornography. He is known throughout the entire show as being addicted to sex, no matter the age of the female.

Chris and Meg at school
Quagmire and his sick role of sex-addict