Postindustrial Economy- a productive system based on service work and computer technology.
a. An example of a postindustrial economy would be when Peter finally gets promoted to an office position. At this job Peter's main task involves dealing with service work concerned with paperwork and typing on a computer.

Secondary Sector- the part of the economy that transforms raw materials into manufactured goods.
a. There isn't a clear example of this in the show Family Guy, but one example would be when Peter gets fired from his service job he becomes a fisherman. All of his best friends come with him and they fish the sea, trying to make a profit. This is the most blue-collar job that any of the characters are involved in. ("Fish Out of Water")

Corporation- an organization with legal existence, including rights and liabilities, separate from that of its members.
a. An example of this would be the two different corporations that Peter works at throughout the show. Peter works at the Pawtucket Brewery and the Happy-Go-Lucky-Toy Company. These are both large corporations with unions and have much influence in Quahog.

Politics- the social institution that distributes power, sets a society's goals, and makes decisions.
a. An example of politics in the sitcom Family Guy would be the existence of a city or municipal type of government. The main person in charge of Quahog would be Mayor West. He is a very strange man, but nevertheless runs the city and makes decisions concerning societal manners.

Profession- a prestigious white-collar occupation that requires extensive formal education.
a. Probably the highest position that is held by any character in Family Guy is the mayor. The mayor of Quahog's name is Adam West. He is formally educated, but he is often made fun of by the show's producers and writers.

Democracy- a political system that gives power to the people as a whole.
a. In an episode where Stewie and Brian try to get an honorable discharge, the soldiers are worried about the condition of the United States. They jump up and shout "Democracy has kicked in!" Then it shows multiple clips of people having the power and making fun of other countries and turning terrorists into free American people.

Terrorism- acts of violence or the threat of violence used as a political strategy by an individual or a group.
a.In an episode mainly focused on poking fun at terrorism around the world, Stewie goes to buy a time machine from a middle-eastern man. After Stewie makes the purchase, he asks the man how the terrorism thing is coming along. The man embraces his question and joyfully answers by saying that it's going pretty well since his son just died in a car bombing. He says that the only bad news about that is that it was his guy that got blown up.

War- organized, armed conflict among people of two or more nations, directed by their governments.
a. In one episode, Peter discusses war with his wife Lois. He says that he is going to start World War 5 (for no apparent reason). Lois goes on to tell him that there must be a World War 3 and a World War 4 in order for that to happen. He then says that his war will be so terrible that it'll be enough for all of them combined.

Mayor Adam West in his office at Quahog City Hall

Peter discussing their fishing business; a day out at sea.