Gender Stratification- the unequal distribution of wealth, power, and privilege between men and women.
a. This term is seen throughout the sitcom Family Guy. There are very wealthy characters such as Carter Pewterschmidt and Mr. Weed to middle class with the Griffins and even lower-class individuals with a hobo on the street. The unequal distribution of wealth is exemplified in the show.

Sexism- the belief that one sex is innately superior to the other.
a. In nearly every episode Peter displays sexism and the view, or his view, that men are better than women. This can be seen by the examples of him always asking Lois for a beer, farting in Meg's face, or even having Meg make him a sandwich during a flood.

Gender Roles-(sex roles) attitudes and activities that a society links to each sex.
a. Examples of gender roles can be found throughout the sitcom. Family Guy tends to exaggerate their examples, but they are noticed. For instance, Peter plays the role of the man of the house who everybody listens to and lives the typical work all day and sit on the couch at night life, all- the- while Lois plays a typical mom who stays at home cleaning and taking care of household duties. These roles are typically linked to each sex and are shown in Family Guy.

Minority-any category of people distinguished by physical or cultural difference that a society stes apart and subordinates.
a. Two main minority groups are shown in Family Guy by the friends that Peter hangs out with. Two of his main best friends can be considered in a minority group. They are Cleveland, who is in the African-American group and Joe, who is the group labeled handicapped.

Gender- the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being a female or male.
a. In one specific episode, the Griffins show the different ways that different genders are "supposed" to act. After Peter was found telling sexist jokes at his work, they force him to go on a women's retreat. At first, Peter absolutely shoots down the idea and is extremely against it. However, after he's there for two weeks, Peter turns into an extremely sensitive male. No one that is ever around Peter particularly likes the new feminine him, and so at lunch one day, Lois snaps him out of it.

Patriarchy- a form of social organization in which males dominate females.
a. Peter is the main character in the show and he is also the character that probably thinks that males should dominate females. In one episode where Lois is boxing and feels powerful, Peter tells her that she cant feel powerful. He goes on by saying that he feels male dominance when he is in an underground concrete parking structure and burps to assert his dominance by then saying "says the king".

Sexual Harassment- comments, gestures, or physical contacts of a sexual nature that are deliberate, repeated, and unwelcome.
a. When Peter is in the office of a female in charge at a brewery in the town, she makes him wear a revealing uniform. Peter comes in to ask her why he has to wear the short shorts and she tells him that he's the only guy that looks good in them. She then goes on to make him cool off because he's hot. She walks him to the pop machine and makes him rub the cold soda all over his neck in a sensual way. Peter is clearly uncomfortable with this situation.

Feminism- support of social equality for women and men, in opposition to patriarchy and sexism.
a. Using the same example from the term gender, after the retreat, Peter shows his feminist side. After returning home from the retreat, Peter is a new man that has a new-found desire to feel the emotions that females feel. He is suddenly opposed to patriarchy and hopes for equal rights for females as he starts acting feminine himself.

Peter being sexually harassed by a female

Cleveland could be considered a minority in Family Guy.