Capitalists- people who own and operate factories and other businesses in pursuit of profits.
a. An example of this term in the sitcom Family Guy would be the factory in which Peter works. He works at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Company under Mr. Weed. Mr. Weed is a rich executive who is at the top and Peter is an example of the middle class worker. Mr. Weed would be the top Capitalist.

Proletarians- people who sell their labor for wages.
a. Peter could be considered a proletarian, along with the character of Quagmire. Peter works at a factory for a wage and Quagmire is a pilot for an airline company. They both give their work for a wage.

Alienation- the experience of isolation and misery resulting from powerlessness.
a. An example of this would be in the episode of "Stew-Roids" where Chris becomes popular because he starts dating Connie, a popular girl at James Woods High. He turns into a typical jock jerk and begins to pick on his sister because she is viewed as unpopular. One night Chris throws a party at the Griffin's house but doesn't invite Meg. She is furious and experiences alienation because of her brother's actions.

Income- earnings from work or investments.
a. Throughout Family Guy, many characters receive paychecks from their jobs. Peter usually receives a wage from the toy company where he works. Even though he may not spend it wisely, he does receive income. Lois' dad also is rich from his various investments in his company, but he is a hoarder.

Caste System- social stratification based on ascription, or birth.
a. A great example of what is the caste system in Family Guy would be what Stewie Griffin will fall into. As both of his parents work mediocre jobs and are definitely middle-class, Stewie will probably follow in the same footsteps and be in the middle class.

Class System- social stratification based on both birth and individual achievement.
a. The main example of someone that falls highly into the class system is Lois Griffin. Her dad, Carter Pewterschmidt is a billionaire that easily falls into the upper class which obviously greatly benefited Lois. She has a good job and makes good money, but she is in the middle to upper class because of both her dad and her own individual achievement and her effort throughout life.

Meritocracy- social stratification based on personal merit.
a. In the show, there are a few extremely wealthy people that got their money from their own merit. One example of this is Lois Griffin's dad Carter Pewterschmidt. He is the founder of a multi-billion dollar corporation that clearly has made him wealthy and solidified his position in the top class of society.

Blue-collar Occupations- lower-prestige jobs that involve mostly manual labor.
a. With the example used above, Peter has a blue-collar job. He regularly works at Happy-Go-Luck Toys, Inc. This would definitely be a blue-collar occupation as it involves almost all manual labor and it's in a factory so it's lower-prestige.

This is the factory that Peter Griffin works at on a daily basis under the boss of Mr. Weed.
Lois' dad, Carter who is quite wealthy from personal merit