Crime- the violation of a society's formally enacted criminal law.
a. Crime is very prevelant in the sitcom Family Guy. Nearly every character has committed a crime by today's societal standards but they are usually not punished. For example, Peter has driven while drunk, Stewie has had a drink, there are many examples of drugs, and murder is even involved in an episode.

Stigma- a powerfully negative label that greatly changes a person's self-concept and social identity.
a. An example of stigma in Family Guy would be the label of handicap. Joe is disabled in nearly every episode and often receives criticism from his own friends. Joe also can become depressed with his label because he cannot do normal activities. Peter also becomes disabled, when he is blinded by frier grease. It changes his life and he says it would be terrible to be disabled, hinting again at Joe's stigma.

Communtiy-based corrections- correctional programs operation within society at large rather than behind prison walls
a. This type of correction punishment is seen more than once in Family Guy. There are several episodes where Brian must go to a correctional facility for his alcohol problem. He also has to get help when he becomes addicted to drugs, while being a drug dog. Peter has also had to go to a correctional facility to help him gain respect for women's rights. ex. ("Thin White Line")

Criminal Justice System- the organizations- police, courts, and prison officials- that respond to alleged biolations of the law.
a. In the sitcom Family Guy, the character of Joe is employed as a police officer on the Quahog Police team. He takes his job very seriously and shows much pride in his work. He thinks of the law before friends, as he has even suspended Peter's driving license.

Deviance- the recognized violation of cultural norms.
a. In multiple episodes Quagmire shows that he is quite different that any normal person. He shows he's deviant in one episode when he asks a bunch of young girls, "So who wants to lose their virginity?".

Social Control- the attempts by society to regulate people's thoughts and behavior.
a. This is a main theme of the show, but there are multiple instances in which controversial subjects are made fun of. In an episode called "No legs, no service", Peter tells his handicap friend Joe that he and his handicapped friends can't come to the restaurant anymore. He says this because he thinks all of the people there don't want handicapped people around them. This shows social control as the wants of society are causing Peter to think it's ok to not allow handicapped people into his restaurant.

Rehabilitation- a program for reforming the offender to prevent later offenses.
a. In one specific episode, the Cookie Monster gets sent to rehab because he's stealing and eating too many cookies. While he's in rehabilitation, the guards find that he stole more cookies so they discipline him again to prevent him from stealing again.

Hate Crime- a criminal act against a person or a person's property by an offender motivated by racial or other bias.
a. There's one specific instance where a hate crime is committed in family guy. A white rancher captures a black man and basically chains him up and whips him. He clearly only does this because he's white and he feels superior over the black race.
Peter and Brian in jail after a mischievious plan of Peter's.

Peter's friend Joe.. Peter uses societal control by telling him he can't eat in his restaurant