Ascribed Status- a social position a person receives at birth or takes on involuntarily later in life.
a. Chris has an achieved status throughout the show as a son, which he had no opinion in obviously.

Achieved Status- a social position a person takes on voluntarily that reflects personal ability and effort.
a. Brian, the family dog, takes on the status of an achoholic. This status is changeable, which in a few episodes he does try to stop drinking, but then resorts to his old habits.

Role Strain- tension among the roles connected to a single status.
a. Lois feels role strain while being a stay-at-home mom. She must take care of Peter and his every need, while balancing the lives of her children and running the house. She can sometimes be very short with Meg, for example, if she just had a fight with Peter. This position pulls her many different directions, making life often difficult for her.

Personal Space- the surrounding area over which a person makes some claim to privacy.
a. Peter has the most clearly defined personal space area in the show. He stakes claim to the Griffin's faded purple couch in the middle of the living room. He usually is in the middle of the couch and can usually be found sitting there.

Status- a social position that a person holds.
a. In the show, it's expected by the family that Peter takes care of them. One of his statuses would be father of the family, hence the title of the show "Family Guy".

Role- behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status.
a. Using the same example from above, Peter's role that comes with his status is to take care and provide for the family. He, of course, does not fulfill his role of providing for the family and that's how the writers get laughs out of the audience. He is probably the laziest member of the family and does the opposite of what the traditional "father role" is.

Nonverbal Communication- communication using body movements, gestures, and facial expressions rather than speech.
a. In an episode where the family has dinner with Jesus, Jesus uses many hand signals and different facial expressions to get his point across. Stewie Griffin also shows this when he wants Lois to grab him, he reaches out his arms so she'll hold him.

Master Status- a status that has a special importance for social identity, often shaping a person's entire life.
a. Brian is the family dog in the show. His master status would be just that, since only a few people can actually hear him talk. Most people think that he is just a dog, including some members of his family.

Brian is often seen with a martini in his hand, labeling him as an alcholic.

This picture shows Jesus using nonverbal communication at the Griffin dinner table