Personality- a person's fairly consistent patterns of acting, thinking, and feeling.
a. Peter Griffin's personality is very androcentric. He is also self-centered. Peter is the father who comes home from work and sits on the couch the rest of the night. He expects Lois to serve him and doesn't show much respect for his children. Along with Peter, the other characters of the show all have distinct personalities, defining their character.

Significant Others- people, such as parents, who have special importance for socialization.
a. This term can be expressed by the name of the show; Family Guy. There are many relationships within the show that can be considered significant other relationships. For example, Peter and Lois are significant others, as are Peter and Brian.

Peer Group- a social group whose members have interest, social position, and age in common.
a. In nearly episode there is emphasis put on peer groups. For instance, the main peer group seen throughout the show is the group of Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland. They usually hangout at the Drunken Clam Bar together.

Anticipatory socialization- learning that helps a person achieve a desired position.
a. This can be seen with Peter and him working at his factory job. Peter must change his behavior to advance in the company and must act in accordance with a robot to even achieve an once of respect from his superior at Happy Go-Lucky Toy Company.

Mass Media- the means for delivering impersonal communications to a vast audience.
a. The main source of mass media in Family Guy is Quahog 5 News. The show regularly has the Griffin family watching this news station, but the news is always pointless. The anchors are celebrities in Quahog and are heavily racist as they reference their #1 reporter as "That Asian Reporter."

Preoperational Stage- Piaget's term for the level of human development at which individuals first use language and other symbols.
a. Throughout the show, it is quite a hard thing for viewers to grasp who can really understand/hear Stewie talking. Lois (his mom) and Peter (his dad) think that he is just a little baby still in the preoperational stage of development. They think he can barely talk, but we know that he is far more mentally developed than the rest of the family.

Id- Freud's term for the human being's basic drives.
a. A main theme throughout almost every episode is Stewie's desire to kill Lois. The audience can always hear his thoughts and he is continuously plotting ways to kill his own mother in a plethora of different ways. This is where the "id" comes into play. Stewie shows his "id" side every single time that he expresses his desire to kill Lois.

Ego- Freud's term for a person's conscious efforts to balance innate pleasure-seeking drives with the demands of society.
a. This same example of Stewie wanting to kill his mom can apply to both Id and Ego. When Stewie feels like he wants to kill him mom, sometimes he actually tries to do it but most other times his conscious (his Ego side) balances it out and tells him society wouldn't allow that.

This is Peter's Peer Group, who he always hangs out with.
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